For Organic Production Inspection Certification and Consulting
East Milling Research Station for Quality Organic Food &
Agriculture is specialized organic production, inspection,
certification and consulting.  We have offices in three
continents and have done successful international organic
agricultural projects in several countries in compliance with
NOP, JAS and EU council regulation, E.E.C. 2092/91 and its
annexes as amended.
Our experienced staff will help setup research and
educational workshops as well as training courses to private
operators and farmers in accordance with International
Control System, ICS.
We are active members of the independent organic
international inspectors association: IOIA, Montana USA.
We have consulted with the Food and Agriculture
Organization, F.A.O., in Spain, Mexico, Algeria, Italy and other
We have people to help you in five different languages!

We are currently working on a large corn investment project
in the Middle East. We are seeking experienced partner.
Copyright (C) 2005, East Milling Research Station. All right reserved
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